Junior Java / CMS Developer

40 hours, Coimbra & Remote, Portugal

As a Java developer at Prisma Portugal, you will develop new modern CMS modules into our Roxen CMS. The development will be mainly done by using Java. Among other things, the latest API technologies, such as REST, have little to no secrets for you anymore. This because we are going to integrate Roxen CMS into our SaaS solution, called; CooCoo™.

You see the importance of good communication and collaboration within a team and therefore often work with following the Scrum / Agile way of working. This to come to the right solution as a team. A daily standup has of course been a piece of cake for you for quite some time. Just put our heads together and discuss what the team is doing in the current sprint and possibly will run into. The ideal working week for you means that you work on average two days at the Prisma Portugal office and the remaining days just remote. Even if we don't see each other every day, your team is always there for you!

What is CooCoo™?

As a java developer you will also be working on the Prisma SaaS solution called ‘CooCoo™’, but what is it and what does it do?

Let us explain a bit more…
CooCoo™ is our cloud based Digital Experience Platform, or DXP, which helps our clients with all their communication needs. So, CooCoo™ is designed in a way that our clients can use it to stay in contact with their employees, their clients and even the rest of the world. So, clients are in total control with choosing the channels that they want to use within this solution.

For instance, there are hospitals in The Netherlands that use CooCoo™ for solving their way finding problems. They do this by using the capabilities of CooCoo™ to inform patients and visitors via digital way finding screens, instead of the old stationary ‘printed’ signs.

An other example of the use of CooCoo™ we will find at the Dutch Railways (Nationale Spoorwegen – NS). The NS uses CooCoo™ to send and retrieve digital information to and from their trains. This both in moving or stationary state. Hereby the NS is enabled to share important information with the passengers which are on the trains. Also employees are able to receive information by use of the CooCoo™ Mobile App.

Here's what you're going to do

In addition to working as a junior Java Developer, within the Portugal team, you naturally follow the rapidly changing technical developments within the Java world and apply them to the realization of our modern Roxen & CooCoo™ solutions.

Of course, you will also find closely related techniques very interesting and you follow them closely. As essential as it is, you don't limit yourself to just the development side of things. Of course, the eye also wants something, so some feeling for user experience is an advantage. You have a clear view on application development, so you quickly see connections between different environments and technologies.

As a professional know it all, nerd, guru, ____ (fill in the blank yourself), you are happy to give advice regarding design patterns across different technologies. As a know it all, you like to work in a team together with other professional nerds.

What you bring into the game

Ideally, you have at least one year of relevant Java development experience. But do you have to start counting the days? Also good 😉. Namely, we are also looking for starters, coming fresh out of the Tech University. So, you have frequently hung out at the software development faculty.

What do we offer you?

• A cool new hobby. Paid, yes yes!
• Mobility plan, being mobile is important
• A laptop, according to your own wishes (various models possible)
• Pension plan, yes we are all getting older
• 26 vacation days a year, get out there in a ones and a while!
• Cool Prisma events / get-togethers
• Sociable colleagues, with a focus on knowledge sharing
• Generous training opportunities, in the form of a Personal Development Plan (PDP)
• Flexibility when it comes to remote working. Purely the office location is so old-fashioned 😉
• Are you still missing something? Shout out, and let us know!

What do we ask of you?

Your skills in a nutshell:
• A Bachelor or Master degree in the field of IT Technology
• Good self-knowledge, knowing what you can do and what you still want to learn
• Strong affinity with technology
• Analytical thinking
• Pragmatic, but always critical towards quality
• Good command of the Portuguese and English language
• Excellently developed social and communication skills. We like to get together and talk 😉

Your technical skills:
• Java (8 or 11) of course. You already have experienced with some releases or have knowledge coming from your studies
• General CMS knowledge
• Front-end techniques such as HTML/CSS, Angular and/or ReactJS
• Knowledge of Cloud environments such as AWS, Azure and/or GCP
• The rest you will learn at Prisma, let’s get learning and growing
• You have other related knowledge which you do not see here?
....let us know!

Come and discover Prisma Portugal and apply today!

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